How To Turn Women On (Sexual Arousal)

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Rapport & Escalation Ladder (All Free Info)

Dicarlo escalation ladder 2nd edition pdf
I don’t know of any successful PUA that doesn’t use Dicarlo escalation ladder (or forms of).
Jesse Charger “The Definitive Guide”
An escalation ladder is basically where you begin with small touches, and increasing get more physical until you kiss the girl. After you initiate touching the girl, there are THREE types of physical moves you’ll want to make to create an escalation ladder.
Emotional Spiking
Emotional spikes are important for PUAs who want to generate quick attraction. Often times, it is required for ONS or fast escalation bounces. Emotional spikes can be positive, such as a funny joke followed up with comfortable and sensual kino. It can also be a negative emotion, such as breaking rapport after a DHV and getting the woman to chase after you.
Emotional Escalation Model: Forum Post
The Emotional Escalation Model is something I came up with by accident while gaming a 24 year old online recently. I backward engineered the structure of that conversation (which accumulated to form two phone sex sessions btw) and realised that i had followed some sort of pattern…
How to Build Rapport With a Woman
Has it ever happened to you when you meet a stranger you feel that sense of connection between both of you even before you speak to each other? It happens all the time. People who don’t know each other feel a sense of trust even before building a deep conversation. What is the secret behind that? It can be summarized in one word: Rapport.
How to Connect with a Date or Mate
Have you ever had a time when you just couldn’t connect with someone? Maybe you just couldn’t “click” with someone attractive you were trying to talk to in a coffee shop or bookstore. Perhaps you couldn’t even find the right words. Or maybe, it was a relationship partner, with whom you couldn’t quite see eye-to-eye
Week 1 – The Power of Rapport
A video on rapport from Tony Robbins.
RAPPORT BUILDING – Process & Principles:The ability to rapidly build and sustain Rapport is essential for those of us who need to Influence in our professional or private lives. We are also required to be ‘master rapport builders’ if we are to avoid or reduce conflict, particularly if our personal success is bound to the quality of the trusted relationships we develop. This ability can be intuitive for some but very challenging for others.
Here’s some Helpful vid’s:

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Energy & Behavior (All Free Info)

Make Her Chase You
Ever wonder how to make her chase you? Are you chasing or pursuing? Read on… Chasing Vs. Pursuing
Energy: From Seduction Science
Here’s a number of posts that talk about the right energy you need to use.
How to trigger deep level attraction in women. PUA Forum
In a minute I’m going to introduce you to some concepts and techniques for leaving women no choice but to feel sexual attraction for you. Yet%u2026 what I’m about to suggest has zero to do with sporting great looks or possessing bins of cash.
Vibe / Vibing: PUALingo
When “vibing” when someone, one usually experiences happy and positive emotions. A vibe reflects a person’s aura, projecting his frame and feelings onto those around him. Positive vibes are contagious, while negative vibes repel…
7 Ways To Create Sexual Chemistry With Women: From Wing Girl Method
A lot of men are constantly asking me “How do can I escalate from friends to sexual attraction?”. Escalating is easier than one might think. All it really involves is believing that you are sexual and stating your intentions. The difficult part is actually believing you are sexual and having the confidence and comfort in yourself to actually display your intentions. ..
Who Am I? From Psychology Today.
A lot of people will tell you – “to gain true confidence you first need to know who you are”. Yeah, I guess I can see where they’re coming from. If you’re one of those who believe that, read “Who am I”
The Triggers of Sexual Desire: Men vs. Women
Neuroscientists have much to teach us about the what’s and why’s of our sexual preferences. Merely on the basis of personal experience, you might be able to guess some of their findings. Still, the results of their research on the nature and origins of our erotic interests aren’t always intuitive. So there’s a good chance that major gaps exist in your understanding of where your sexual interests actually come from. In fact, it’s fairly likely that some of your tastes, or tendencies, have puzzled you all along…
Here’s some Helpful vid’s:



Tips, Advice & Research

The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures
Here is an interesting post by UKTrends. It just re-enforces what I’ve been saying, well, in a round-about-way
‘Dad dancing’ may be the result of evolution, scientists claim
‘Dad dancing’ may be the result of evolution, scientists claim…
Sexual Response Cycle
The human sexual response cycle is a four-stage model of physiological responses to sexual stimulation, which, in order of their occurrence, are the excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasmic phase, and resolution phase. The cycle was first proposed by William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson in their 1966 book Human Sexual Response. Since then, other human sexual response models have been formulated….
Sexual Motivation
Unlike hunger, sexual drive does not motivate people to fulfill a basic biological need. A lack of food leads to death; a lack of sex, on the other hand, does not. Both biological and psychological factors strongly influence sexual drive…
Cues Resulting in Desire for Sexual Activity in Women
A number of questionnaires have been created to assess levels of sexual desire in women, but to our knowledge, there are currently no validated measures for assessing cues that result in sexual desire. A questionnaire of this nature could be useful for both clinicians and researchers, because it considers the contextual nature of sexual desire and it draws attention to individual differences in factors that can contribute to sexual desire.
The Triggers of Sexual Desire Part 2: What’s Erotic for Women?
If there’s such a thing as porn for women, it revolves around the romance novel. And the amazing popularity of this literary genre suggests the vast differences that distinguish what arouses a woman’s libido vs. a man’s.
The Hot Guy Scale (Social Value Theory)
“In terms of dating and sex, guys are measured on very different criteria than women. Women are measured based on their looks. Full stop, period. Guys are measured on the strength of their personalities and character, and all the accessories and accouterments they can garner as a result of their personalities and character.”
10 Things You Need to Know about Female Sexuality
What is the true nature of female sexuality? When it comes to women’s priorities, why, once in a secure relationship, is sex no longer on top? Exploring what defines women’s libido and why it becomes depleted, I investigate whether we have unrealistic expectations about our sex drive, who defines what is normal and abnormal, and if ‘low libido’ is in fact the natural order of things. I also provide concrete ways women can work toward defining their own jouissance–a personalized female sexuality that can lead to a more sensual, vibrant life.
Top 10: Ways To Attract Her With Humor
You’ve probably heard that HUMOR is something just about every woman looks for in a man, but when most guys try to be funny, they end up coming across as goofy or dorky. Not good. If you want to be a goofy, funny guy, get a joke book. But if you want to use humor to make a woman feel ATTRACTION for you, you need to learn a special type of humor I call “Cocky Comedy.” Here are 10 tips to get you started…
How To Make Any Woman Laugh
How To Make Any Woman Laugh. At Any time, Any Place,. And Any way You Want
How To Use Your Voice To Get What You Want – Unisex 
Here’s some Helpful vid’s:

Section 4

Hypnotic seduction secrets

Whatever you can get a person to imagine will be perceived as their own idea because they imagined it, and therefore they can’t resist it

1) The Combined Power Of Trance Words And Anchoring

This is a short clip-about a minute 30-but it demonstrates the combined power of:

  • Using her trance words
  • Anchoring (in a way that she can’t catch or resist)
  • Using sexual metaphor to accelerate her responses
  • Using vague language to assist you in closing the deal!

2) Subliminal Persuasion

There are a lot of men that would like to exert more control over the women they are dating. After all, having the upper hand in the relationship comes with a lot of benefits. You’ll be able to decide where to go to dinner, where to go on vacation, and so much more. If you are…

3) Speed Seduction RJ

This is a free ebook that focuses on how to get into a woman’s mind sexually. It uses NLP.

4) 3 NLP Seduction Patterns To Mindwash Girls Into Attraction

A great little post by SS that talks about seduction patterns and how to use them.

5) Forbidden Patterns <— I’ve been ask to add this link because I been told it’s pretty good. Even though I don’t doubt the information here, I’m guessing somewhere down the line they’re going to ask you for money. Just a warning 🙂

Remember what I say about being a dick!

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